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 Post subject: Proof of Existence
Unread postPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 4:37 pm 
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Thursday, October 27, 2005, 04:58 PM

There were no WMDs.

The repetition of that line is as empty as a turned over water bucket. There was more Pre-war intelligence pointing to Saddam Hussein having weapons than Post-war evidence proving that he had none. A large portion of the global intelligence thought Saddam had weapons; in fact most of the military directly under Saddam believed he had weapons. Let us not forget that he used these weapons on his own people. Is it not likely that he did not have the resources to acquire them? And if so, why would he not acquire them? U.N. Sanctions? Did he not violate many U.N. sanctions? Not too mention the countries involved in making money off of Iraq, the Oil for Food program for one. Germany, France, all the countries that would not support action against Iraq had money owed to them by Iraq. You would not lock up someone who owes you money - you will never get it.

There is no proof that Saddam did not have weapons. There is plenty of credible intelligence that suggests the weapons were merely moved around out of the country. We could not trust that he was honest with the weapons inspectors. Saddam could not be trusted with his word. Which is all we had to go on. The United States and the World could not afford such risks. The U.S. addressed the U.N. to handle Saddam diplomatically. Iraq said they had no weapons. Weapons inspectors were then escorted around Iraq to prove there were no weapons. Who are you going to believe, Saddam or the rest of the world’s intelligence? Saddam? The man who killed his own family and people.

We called Saddam’s bluff. We went into Iraq. Justified.

Not finding WMDs does not make mean they weren’t there.

Time will tell.

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