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Unread postPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 4:40 pm 
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Q: Iraq, Democrats & Pre-War Intelligence

A: What is a country in need of help, a group of Americans who don't care about Iraq and the false accusations to influence a military pullout.

Okay, a lame attempt to revive the classic Johnny Carson character. However, with the exchange of blame going on today a joke that makes no sense, makes sense - right?

Today, Democrats failed with their attempt to pull the U.S. out of Iraq. The Senate voted against a measure that would require the U.S. to set a timetable for pulling out of Iraq. Although I believe that eventually leaving Iraq is a good thing, we shouldn't be just generally looking for reasons to leave, nor, should we be announcing when such a pullout would take place. As with the joke above, the Democrat’s actions these days are a lame attempt to separate them from the War looking forward to upcoming elections.

Liberals are trying everything thing they can these days to attack the President. Unfortunately, I believe their smear campaign has affected public opinion, which can be seen by the President’s falling approval ratings. As in true Bush fashion, he tries to ignore the headlines until he just can’t ignore it anymore. Should he have come out sooner and addressed the Democrat’s accusation? Yes. You would think Bush would have learned by now that the public likes it when their leader comes out and leads. Take some lead from Clinton. Every time the sun was shining, he was out telling people how great his sunglasses were.

The Democrats still haven’t come up with any core principles to base their party on. Is it not virtuous to follow through with something you start? Did Democrats not vote to give the President the power to go to war? What they don’t realize is that by them do anything they can to cater to public opinion, they are hurting this country. They are not leading this country. They only come up with criticism, but never leadership. Their protest of the war hurts this nation in the eyes of our own citizens and in the eyes of the World. Free speech is fine. Expressing your opposition is fine. But not falsely accusing our President of lying to the world about intelligence with no proof.

The fact is that we are there. Whether or not you agreed with going into Iraq. We are there. Whether or not you want to charge the Bush administration with falsifying intelligence. We are there. We must follow through with this War. We must help Iraq get on its feet. We must defeat the base of Terrorism. We must not get in the way of the safety of our patriotic soldiers over there.

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