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Agreed...and its a pretty good stock feed too. :D

Lol After working with cows a large chunk of my life I would say silage is the cats meow er cows moo. They take the corn plant chop it up into small pieces and then put it under a tarp to ferment. When you feed it it smells baaad but oh boy the cows come running

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Sandy wrote:
* Revenues based on state-by-state marijuana consumption, assuming pot were legalized. Source: Prof. Jeffrey Miron, "Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibitions," June 2005.

And those are old figures too.

It needs to be reduced to the same status as alcohol... since the real facts are it does less damage than the grog. The ones that are lobbying for it to remain illegal are guess who?...Big Pharma. They have pegged the market for M based medicines now but they will still try and stop it. In my view the only reason it isnt already legal is because they couldnt find a way to tax it before now.

Edit...hmmm thinking about it Ive just realized it will have other complications. You will have to have drug testing alongside breath testing for drivers...some arent going to like that. But you have to admit there is nothing worse than being stuck behind a drunk/stoned driver.

I dont think there is an accurate roadside test for weed. at least not here in the uk. it stays in your system for around a month. they can tell you've been smoking it but cant say if your still under the influence.

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