Numerous factors can lead to the new 4.0 Divi visual builder not saving changes. However, after taking care of the ordinary troubleshooting items, we discovered an issue outside of the norm.

First and foremost, its important to take the following steps to rule out common issues that lead to the Divi visual builder not saving changes. Be sure to follow these steps.

PHP Version

Make sure your hosting is using at least PHP 7.0. You can update this setting under your hosting control panel by clicking “programming languages”. In some instances, you may need to contact your hosting provider. Always backup your WordPress website before making changes to your settings.

Clear Browser and Stay Alive.

Clear your browser cache or enable keep alive a bit longer. If you’re unsure of how to do that you can navigate to the .htaccess file and add the following code:

Divi Visual Builder Not Saving Changes

You may need to enable hidden files in your file manager or FTP client to see the file. The .htaccess file is normally located in your root directory.

Divi Support Center

Navigate to the Divi Theme settings and click on support center. Pay attention to the system status area and make sure you pass all Divi software and hosting requirements.

Why Divi Visual Builder Was Not Saving Changes For Us.

In our case we completed all the routine troubleshooting steps. The Divi builder would not save and continuously redirected to a preview page when clicking the gear navigation. After hours of troubleshooting further, we pinpointed an issue with the Wordfence Security plugin and firewall installation. Completely removing Wordfence and the firewall application solved the issue. If you are having a redirect issue and the Divi visual builder not saving changes is driving you crazy, investigate the Wordfence plugin.

If you still cannot get Divi builder to save changes, leave a message below and we will try to help! Our digital team is happy to help other Divi developers.