How To Conference Call On iPhoneAs the owner of a local SEO services company and a volunteer fire Chief, conference calls have become a regular occurrence throughout my busy work week. In this tutorial, I will show you how to conference call on iPhone using iOS 13, the latest operating system released by Apple for iPhone and iPad devices.

1. First, determine how many people will be on your call.

2. Determine whether or not the person(s) will be calling you or if you will be calling them.

3. If you are calling the person(s), place a call and connect to the first person.

4. From the in-call menu, select “+ add call”. After selecting “+ add call” the first person is placed on hold.

5. After connecting with the second person, select “merge calls” from the in-call menu to connect everyone on the same line.

6. Repeat steps 4 through 5 to add additional person(s) to the call.

This a very simple tutorial on how to conference call on iPhone using iOS 13. As an iPhone user for almost 8 years, I still needed to research the proper procedure for accomplishing this very simple task. It was almost embarrassing. If you are like me and constantly on the go, I hope this tutorial can quickly assist you in establishing your first conference call on iPhone, using iOS 13.