In this article I will explain a few ways on how to fix the WordPress editor updating failed messages. Commonly, this problem occurs with Beaver Builder, Divi Builder and WP Bakery. As I researched this issue further, I realized each time, the issue included a third party builder and the Gutenberg editor. Consequently, disabling Gutenberg corrected the issue.

How To Fix WordPress Editor Updating Failed

How to Disable Gutenberg

This may be one of the easiest fixes. Install the WordPress Classic Editor. Simply navigate to the plugin directory here. Download and upload the Classic Editor under plugins and activate. Be sure to clear your browser cache and refresh.

Investigate Wordfence

If you website uses the Wordfence Security plugin, this may also pose problems with failing page updates and a host of other issues. We previously wrote an article about the Divi visual builder not saving changes.

Firefox Issues

We had numerous issues with the Firefox browser not cooperating and not allowing us to fix WordPress editor updating failed messages. Clearing the cache and even performing a restart did not seem to help. We went through increasing all memory limits and recommended server configurations. Still, we had the same issue. Switching to Chrome immediately helped to fix WordPress Editor updating failed messages.  Since Firefox does not seem to cooperate well with the Divi builder, we recommend using Chrome or Safari to build your Divi websites.

Hopefully this article was able to help you figure out why your WordPress editor updating failed. We outlined 2 of the most common culprits above. If this hasn’t solved your issue and you need expert help, leave a comment below and we can at least point you in the right direction.