Solved! I have been hosting WordPress websites for years and this was the first time I’ve seen this error. After trying to load a website I would continuously receive the message “The Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties WordPress.” Thankfully, I was able to solve this issue within a few minutes. Below, I will walk you through the fix. Be advised, depending on your hosting environment, the fix may be different in your case.

The Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties WordPress

I tried disabling all plugins. This did not work.

My next step was to update the Divi Theme and all plugins. Still no luck.

Finally, I logged-in to my server and updated the PHP version from 7.0 to 7.1. This immediately resolved the issue. Here is an intuitive article on how to update your PHP version.

My next steps would have included enabling wp_debug in the wp-config file. If upgrading your PHP version does not correct the error, I would recommend enabling wp_debug and following any errors that output on the screen. If you need expert help for the error “The Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties WordPress”, contact us below in the comments.